Sony IMX122 image sensor

Sony IMX122 image sensor

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* Diagonal 6.4 mm (Type 1/2.8) 2.43M-Effective Pixel HD1080 p CMOS Image Sensor for Industrial Applications Achieves High Picture Quality under Low Illumination Due to High Sensitivity and High S/N Ratio


In recent years, there is an increasing demand for HD1080 p capability in CMOS image sensors for industrial applications. Sony has released the IMX122LQJ, a CMOS image sensor (Type 1/3 optical size) that provides HD1080 p high picture quality video output under low illumination thanks to high sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio. The sensor features an improved pixel technology using diagonal 2.8 m square pixels, which has improved the signal-to-noise ratio by +8 dB over the current Sony products. The compact and low profile package contributes to space saving when mounting.


■ High sensitivity (425 mV typ.)
■ High signal-to-noise ratio (+8 dB compared to existing Sony products)
■ Supports HD1080 p and HD720 p
■ Window cropping function
■ Switchable I/O interface
■ Built-in 10 and 12-bit A/D converters

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"Exmor" is a trademark of Sony Corporation. The "Exmor " is a version of Sony 's high performance CMOS image sensor with high-speed processing, low noise and low power dissipation by using column-parallel A/D conversion.
* High Sensitivity and Signal-to-Noise Ratio Characteristics
In the release of the IMX122LQJ CMOS image sensor, Sony has created a Type 1/3 highly sensitive CMOS image sensor that supports high speed operation of HD1080 p at 30 frame/s for industrial applications. The IMX122LQJ employs diagonal 2.8 m square pixel whose light collecting efficiency has been improved by better process technology while optimum pixel design has provided it with high picture quality due to high sensitivity and low noise.
In addition, it incorporates internal high-speed processing and circuit technology to counteract fixed pattern noise to enable HD1080 p at 30 frame/s even in peripheral circuits. As a result, it delivers sensitivity characteristics of +6 dB and an signal-to-noise ratio of +8 dB when compared to our current Type 1/3 HD1080 p sensor. Our customers especially appreciate new product high sensitivity under low illumination and high picture quality due to its low noise . This sensor also reduces random noise and fixed pattern noise at high temperatures.
* HD1080 p Operation Mode
The demand for HD1080 p in industrial cameras is growing now and the demand for CMOS image sensors capable of 30 frame/s output in HD1080 p is equally strong. Sony has now developed the IMX122LQJ image sensor, which achieve HD1080 p output at 30 frame/s with 10-bit/12-bit A/D conversion. And WUXGA (Wide Ultra Extended Graphics Array) resolution is adopted in an all-pixel scan mode to support UXGA (Ultra Extended Graphics Array) resolution at a 4:3 aspect ratio.
Furthermore, this sensor has other various functions for industrial applications, such as HD720 p mode or window cropping mode provide functions for changing the output pixel area.
* Parallel/Serial Interface
The IMX122LQJ has two output interfaces, a CMOS parallel output (max. 74.25M pixels/s) that is designed for flexible use to connect DSP and high-speed LVDS serial output (max. 648 Mbps/port), 1 port or 2 ports, that can be selected according to their usage conditions.
* Compact and Low-Profile Package
The IMX122LQJ is integrated in a compact and low-profile LGA package (98-pin LGA) to meet the need for compact sensors in low-profile and compact devices.
This has reduced the chip size package by about 30% compared to the current Sony products and makes possible the design of compact devices. And its high temperature reflow (peak temperature: 240C) characteristics facilitates mounting.

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